MMG Tower earn LEED Gold Certification

MMG Tower, headquarters of the Morgan & Morgan Group in Panama City, has received LEED Gold certification by the US Green Building Council.

“It has been a long and arduous 4-year journey to achieve this certification, with many companies and individuals being involved in the process of achieving this goal. The joint participation of all players, including the MMG Board of Directors, FORZA CREATIVA’s architects, CPM Panama’s engineers, AQUA-TERRA / GreeNexus’s consultants and a group of builders that include RM Engineering, IMYCSA, OTIS and SCHUFF -HOPSA, has been crucial for implementing the strategies of sustainable design and construction that allowed us to climb to the second most important level of certification” explains Diana Morgan, head partner of the project.

Getting this LEED Gold certification is a validation of the efficiency of building our tower and confirms its environmental and economic benefits, as well as its high regard for the occupants’ best interest. This achievement puts us in an elite group of buildings in the real estate market in Panama. They also provide a healthier and safer workplace and are a physical representation of the values of the organizations that own or occupy them.

Revitalizing underused or derelict land, using water and energy resources in the most efficient way, selecting local or recycled materials, providing an adequate indoor environment and reducing pollutants to the environment are some of the key priorities that should guide our development and that were the cornerstone in the decision making process for the design and construction of our MMG Tower.

“Now it is our turn to pass on what we have learned and by example show that it is possible to continue the development of our beloved Panama being efficient and responsible in the consumption of our resources”, concluded Diana Morgan.

Gira de Arte en la MMG Tower

Como parte del programa de actividades culturales y de responsabilidad social del Grupo Morgan & Morgan,  estudiantes de la Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Nacional de Panamá  hicieron una visita guiada de las  instalaciones de la Torre MMG.

Los estudiantes de artes visuales pudieron apreciar una de las colecciones  de ¨arte urbano¨ más  importantes de la región. El Lic. Antonio Murzi, reconocido coleccionista de arte contemporáneo, dictó una interesante charla de apreciación artística destacando las pinturas y esculturas de importantes autores del Siglo XXI.   La gira se complementó  con una visita  a las instalaciones de la  Torre ecológica  MMG,  ganadora de varios premios internacionales de la categoría de edificio sostenible, permitiendo a los estudiantes conocer de  primera mano, las características más sobresalientes de una de las construcciones  sostenibles más importantes de Latinoamérica.

El Grupo Morgan & Morgan es una de las empresas panameñas referentes en materia de responsabilidad social empresarial y se enorgullece de compartirlo ampliamente con los estudiantes de la comunidad.