The Tower

MMG Tower is the headquarters of the Morgan & Morgan Group. The Tower has become a main pillar of MMG’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. It is one of the first green & eco-friendly buildings in Panama, and is part of a select group of eco-buildings worldwide.

It has a unique and incomparable quality of elegance and contemporary design. The tower is located in Costa del Este, a priviledged neighborhood, overseeing the City Skyline and Pacific Ocean.

The MMG Tower has been designed by  FORZACREATIVA  taking into consideration the cultural and atmospheric peculiarities of its surroundings.

Architect Eduardo Quintero, founder of  FORZACREATIVA  has partnered with The Morgan & Morgan Group in designing a unique project which provides the opportunity to protect the environment through basic and innovative sustainable architectural strategies.

  • The MMG Tower has redefined of a modern office space by incorporating green elements, natural stones , and water fountains.
  • A Triple Height Lobby provides an attractive and pleasant atmosphere, while integrating ecological sustainability.
  • In addition to its beauty, the green terraces promote teamwork, collaboration, and communication amongst teams.

  • Space distribution in the Tower is flexible, versatile, and adapts to the unique requirements of each company occupying the space.
  • The floor plan’s shape maximizes access to natural light and offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Panamá City.